Coming to the Surface

Microsoft SurfaceWhen it comes to cool factor, not much beats Microsoft Surface.  Perhaps you've been watching Chuck Todd interacting with it on MSNBC, or you've visited the Sheraton Boston - you are planning to for the MSDN event on November 13th, right? - or (lucky dog) you're hanging at the iBar at the Rio in Vegas.

UPDATE: You can download a desktop WPF version of the MSNBC app now too and play political prognosticator - install from the MSNBC media site.

Under the surface (er, pardon the pun), it's basically WPF, but the Microsoft Surface team will be introducing the Surface SDK at the PDC this coming week.  Don't think you can sneak a Surface into your expense report?  Well, the multi-touch features of Windows 7 will bring similar experiences to a desktop near you, leveraging Microsoft's (and your) investment in both Surface and WPF.

So, who's building these cool user experiences?  Vectorform, who was behind the MSNBC political application, talks about a timely new creation - given that Halloween is just around the corner - in the video below.  Cool stuff, but I'm still not sure how to get at the seeds for roasting!



And, I just got a note from some friends at Cynergy (winners of the 2008 PhizzPop Design Challenge) about a new video that provides insight into where we can go with both Surface and the new additions to WPF (which will also be discussed at PDC).


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