Some Upcoming Events

I’ll be out and about in New England during the first two weeks of November, so just wanted to let you all know of a few events   Nov 4th, 5 – 8 p.m. Rhode Island .NET User GroupRoger Williams UniversityBristol, Rhode IslandTopic: ASP.NET Dynamic Data Nov 5th, 1 – 5 p.m. MSDN Event (click…


Gotta Get Me One of Those!

This comes via Mark Brown and is the work of the ACE Lab at Carlton University.  This video was featured at the PDC Showoff this evening in Los Angeles.  That + ESPN would be one sweet combo!   Multi-Channel Virtual Earth Viewer


Hello Windows 7 – PDC Day 2 Keynote Recap

Wow!  Lots of really cool stuff from the PDC today focusing on Windows 7, Visual Studio, .NET Framework 4.0, and Office Web Applications.  It’s going to be impossible to do this justice, so I’d really recommend checking out the replay of the keynote.  It ran 2 1/2 hours today, but is so chock full of…


WCF REST Starter Kit

In the recently completed edition of the Northeast Roadshow, I alluded to the REST Toolkit to give you a leg up on created RESTful services in .NET.  Well, to paraphrase Carol Anne, “It’s Here…..” WCF REST Starter Kit Project on Codeplex WCF REST Page on MSDN


Welcome Windows Azure – PDC Day 1 Keynote Recap

I thought I’d summarize the key points that I came away with from this morning’s PDC keynote.  Today’s session was focused on infrastructure, so nothing yet on Windows 7 or .NET Framework 4.0; that’s on tap for tomorrow.  If you want to catch the entire keynote (it ran about 1:45), it’s available on-demand now at…


Coming to the Surface

When it comes to cool factor, not much beats Microsoft Surface.  Perhaps you’ve been watching Chuck Todd interacting with it on MSNBC, or you’ve visited the Sheraton Boston – you are planning to for the MSDN event on November 13th, right? – or (lucky dog) you’re hanging at the iBar at the Rio in Vegas….


Staying Informed

  With PDC coming up this week, there’s going to be an incredible amount of buzz and announcements surrounding .NET 4.0, the next version of Visual Studio, cloud computing, and lots more.  For those of us not going, there’s still plenty of avenues to keep on top of all of the announcements.   Watch the…


Northeast Roadshow Recap

  Roadshow Vital Statistics Number of miles logged: 1517 Number of hours of presentations: 42 Number of developers in attendance: 468 Slices of pizza consumed: a bazillion   I’m sure I speak for Chris as well when I say how thrilled we were by the reception at this series of Roadshows.  We had four new…


Silverlight, Chrome, and the iPhone

First, a quick thanks to those who made it out to the final stop on this edition of the Northeast Roadshow in Waltham today.  I’m pulling together my materials and will post a blog entry in a day or two with links to the resources and slides.  Now the reason for this post… During our…


OBA, O Boy!

With the recent emphasis on Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) in the MSDN events this quarter as well as a bit of coverage during our recently completed Northeast Roadshow, I have some rather timely news of interest to those of you building or contemplating Office Business Applications (OBAs). A new ‘end-to-end’ Sales Forecast demo…