MSDN Events in Nashua and Stamford

While the Fall edition of Northeast Roadshow is in a brief (four-day) hiatus, I'll be hitting the road solo for a set of half-day presentations in Nashua, New Hampshire, and Stamford, Connecticut, on Oct. 1st and 2nd respectively.   These events are sponsored and coordinated at the national level, so you'll be getting the same great content that folks across the nation are seeing each quarter.   This go-around, there's three topics on the docket:


Session #1: What’s New in SQL Server 2008 for Developers

SQL Server 2008 adds numerous new capabilities for developers – from support for Spatial Data types to a storage mechanism for SQL BLOB data using the NTFS file system, and much more. The new release also delivers several improvements to development-related areas, from T-SQL to SQLCLR to XML. This session will provide a technical dive into the latest and greatest features you’ll find in SQL Server 2008, while offering insight into how to effectively apply them to your upcoming development projects.

Session #2: Power up your Office applications with VSTO

In this session, we’ll focus on the power and productivity of Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System (VSTO) – a .NET Smart Client technology. We’ll give you tips and tricks for designing and building smart client applications with VSTO, which allows you to create managed code applications with .NET languages including Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#. VSTO also makes it simple to manifest the functionality of those applications in the rich user interfaces of Microsoft Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook and others from the Office stack. VSTO addresses some of the biggest challenges that Office solution developers are facing today, including separation of data and view elements, server-side and offline scenarios, seamless integration with the Visual Studio tools, deployment and updating. Join us for this eye-opening session and learn just how easy it is to build and deploy powerful applications with VSTO.

Session #3: Build next generation applications with Silverlight 2.0

Silverlight provides a powerful platform for building the next generation of rich interactive applications on the Internet. In this session, we’ll take a look at the programming model and tools that developers and designers can leverage to build these true next generation experiences for consumers and business, and demonstrate how to build a rich interactive application (RIA) using Silverlight and Microsoft .NET. We’ll explore how to use Microsoft Visual Studio to create applications, and how to create UI using XAML markup and code, controls, and File I/O. We’ll also discuss networking, how to retrieve data from a Web service, and various other aspects of building Silverlight applications.


Registration for both venues is still open, and you can sign up via the links below:

Wed. Oct. 1st
1 - 5 p.m.
Nashua NH Radisson Hotel
11 Tara Boulevard
Thur. Oct 2nd
1 - 5 p.m.
Stamford CT Sheraton Stamford
2701 Summer Street
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