A "10" for Code Camp 10

[Ed. note: timing is everything.  In the midst of writing this post, I was looking for a title...and there it just landed, in my In-Box, the subject line of an e-mail from Ron and John at Bluefin!]

Hats off to Team Chris (Chris Bowen and Chris Pels) for pulling off another great Code Camp experience.  The feedback I heard from talking to many of you was overwhelmingly positive, and the bits and pieces of sessions I caught were great.  The diversity and number of topics was absolutely amazing for a two-day event like this.  I captured a few images of the event an put them together in AutoCollage - enjoy (full size is 1600 x 1200)!


Code Camp 10

And for those of you who can't get enough of Chris B., he and I will be heading out tomorrow for the first leg of our 2008 Fall Roadshow... first stop: Burlington, Vermont, on Tuesday, followed by Troy, New York, on Wednesday, and Rochester on Thursday (click on the links to register).

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