Back To School with DreamSpark

imageFor those of you with college-bound kids, ka-ching, ka-ching has supplanted the nostalgic clang of the school-bell as the sound of the season.  Take a look at the graphic to the right (if you dare) to see the rough costs to attend Boston University in the upcoming year.

Holy dwindling-retirement-funds, what's that last line item!.... must be a misprint. 

Nope, through Microsoft's DreamSpark™ program, any student (even Latin majors!) at any accredited college or university has access to Microsoft developer, designer and gaming tools at no charge.  These aren't crippled or beta versions, but the same full-featured editions that the folks in the "real" world use - including:

  • Visual Studio
  • Expression Studio (includes Web, Blend, Media and Design)
  • SQL Server Developer Edition
  • Windows Server
  • XNA Game Studio (with 12-month Creators Club trial membership)
  • Virtual PC

With all the money you'll be shelling out over the next years, this is really a no-brainer!  Just have your future brain-surgeon, Nobel prize-winning, Everest-climbing, next-great-American-novelist sign up here - no strings attached!

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