Pesky Underscores ™

Ironically this post is more relevant to those that can't read it!  If you're here, you're either a new reader (possibly lofting my audience into double digits), you got redirected from an already updated link (thanks, Chris), or through clever sleuthing you've discovered that I dropped the underscore from my blog URL.

So why the seemingly needless change?  Do I have something against our friend the underscore?  Is it a statement of solidarity for the apostrophe that I can't use in my URL (what, are there no Irish bloggers?)

Nah, it's pretty simple actually and resulted from a "what was I thinking" moment.  Links show up in PowerPoint and print how?  yes, underlined, and that pretty much obscured the underscore in my URL.  Unfortunately, redirecting the other URL isn't an option, so I made the change now while I'm still relatively new to the blog scene.

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