Achieve "Devign-ity"

Got TechEd envy?  Psyched by what WPF has to offer, but graphically-challenged (like me)? 

Take some time out this Wednesday to attend a lunchtime (noon EDT) web cast hosted by my mid-Atlantic colleague, G. Andrew Duthie, and featuring Frank La Vigne, who'll provides some insights, tips and tricks for turning us ordinary developers into devigners (developer + designer).

Here are the full details, with link to join at the end - I'll definitely be there!

Date: 06/04/2008

Time: 12:00pm

Presenter: Frank La Vigne

Title: Graphic Design for Developers


Are you a developer yearning to become a dev-igner, a developer/designer hybrid?

The rise of a RIA and enabling technologies such as Silverlight, WPF, and XAML makes the “battleship grey” UIs we’re so familiar with look like the green screens of the 70’s and 80s.

The old cliché is that developers make poor designers and many developers needlessly tremble at the site of designer tools such as Expression or Photoshop. Graphic design is a process, just like software development.  If you learn the basics, you’ll soon turn out better User Experiences and find inspiration in the world around you.

While I can’t make you a design guru overnight, I can help you make your apps look a bit less like they did when the Spice Girls were on the pop charts.

Turtlenecks and berets optional.

Attendee URL:

Click Here to Join the LiveMeeting (meeting will be available shortly before noon on Wednesday).

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