Share sourcecode between Silverlight and WPF Applications

Sharing code between Silverlight and WPF Applications has been a returning wish from several of the customers in our Microsoft Innovation Center in Denmark. The base class libraries are very similar, but obviously something is missing in the 3-4 MB Silverlight download you just installed on that iMac in your girlfriends officespace… therefore if you…



Unfortunately on g**g** technologies but the idea of a search shell is quite fun – look here A modern alternative is the Silverlight based search front-end tafiti (not new, but to some people i may be)


Distributed Cache

Just stumbled over a “new” distributed cache CTP from Microsoft – codename Velocity Having played a bit with NCache in the past i welcome this initiative very much – go have a look


Simple "Sponsors" WebPart (AdRotator)

Here’s a very simple webpart that randomly shows pictures from a picturelibrary. The part is configured with the name of a picturelibrary. Pictures should have the Title property set to the URL of the sponsor web site … very few lines of code solves the problem: namespace MyWSSParts {     [Guid(“815fbeb7-c1d2-46bb-b5cb-ef3db15c474f”)]     public class AdRotatorPart…