Security tips and code clips [german]

ThinkTecture’s Dominick Baier has helped MSDN in Germany to create a number of clips and How-To’s covering several aspects of security on the .NET platform. If you remember any german from school I would recommend you point your browser this way


Smart Clients from Greece?

Microsoft Code Name “Acropolis” has finally been released to the public as a technology preview.   Having played with some internal releases it has become clear to me what a huge amount of work the team has put into this technology. I would like to congratulate with this important milestone and will obviously help getting customer feedback….


SaaS – SDP

A couple of my colleagues from across the pond have recently blogged about SaaS and the so-called Service Delivery Platform. Check it out here


ISB – Biztalk Services in the sky

If you haven’t done so already I recommend you take a look at our latest Biztalk Services CTP from the Connected Systems Division ( Quite a few people has already commented on this and I will just forward you to some of the links I have found interesting:  Have Fun!


Writing Test Code with Impersonation

Some of your (unit) tests may be required to run with predefined credentials, and if all your tests should run as one single identity your might as well use the command line runas.exe tool to start your testrunner (or whatever your favorite naming for this is). In some (rare?) occasions you may need to do…


EntLib 3.0 Released

The P&P team has finished the third major release of the enterprise library. See Tom’s post for more information. Try the new WCF integration with logging, exception handling and validation application blocks. Download from MSDN.   


Updated VSTS Guidance Available

The P&P team has updated guidance related to Visual Studio Team System on Codeplex


SaaS Vocabulary

I have found myself explaining SaaS a few times the past weeks and recently found the WIKI pages:  Also Lars Fløe Nielsen from SiteCode has a series of good posts on SaaS from the ISV perspective. And as a final link on SaaS from me this time:


XmlSerialization snippet

I keep writing this code – now I can find it on my blog in the future 🙂 public static class StringXmlSerializer {    public static string Serialize<T>(T obj)    {       XmlSerializer s = new XmlSerializer(typeof(T));       StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();       StringWriter sw = new StringWriter(sb);       s.Serialize(sw, obj);       return sb.ToString();…


WF in IIS Hosted WCF Service

Hosting Workflow in WCF is described in the before mentioned article by Jeremy Boyd. In the article it is shown how to create an extension class for Workflow, and add this to the ServiceHost Extension collection. The code presented in the article is something like: using (ServiceHost serviceHost = new ServiceHost(new ExpenseService())) {   WfWcfExtension…