PowerShell Analyzer

I was recently writing a powershell script for one of my colleagues and found myself typing the script in Notepad(!). Well… today I stumbled over an interactive environment – the so-called Powershell Analyzer. It seems nice: I am definitely going to try it out the next time someone needs a .ps1 script from me 🙂


WPF/E – Cool graphics everywhere

The first public drop of our new WPF/E has been made available as a Community Technical Preview. What is it anyway? “WPF/E is the Microsoft solution for delivering rich, cross-platform, interactive experiences including animation, graphics, audio, and video for the Web and beyond.” In it’s first incarnation it runs in the browser and requires a…



Another site you need to have in your list of bookmarks. www.on10.net From the about page: “With 10 we have a dream: create a place for people with both a passion for technology and also a desire to change the world.” Sounds interesting?


Unit Testing WCF Services

A colleague of mine recently wrote about seperation of concerns in relation to unit testing WCF services.  It may be possible to expose a library directly in WCF but I would rather see an architecture like the one presented in the Service Software Factory with a clear separation of concerns. In my opinion it makes…