Two Presentations This Weekend at #SQLSaturday349 in Salt Lake City

I have the privilege of being selected to fill two slots this weekend at #SQLSaturday349 in Salt Lake City.  The venue is simultaneously hosting the Big Mountain Data event. My talks are: To the Cloud, Infinity, & Beyond: Top 10 Lessons Learned at MSIT & Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2014: Flipping the DW /faster…


AdventureWorks 2014 Sample Databases Are Now Available

  Where in the World is AdventureWorks? Recently, SQL Community feedback from twitter prompted me to look in vain for SQL Server 2014 versions of the AdventureWorks sample databases we’ve all grown to know & love. I searched Codeplex, then used the bing & even the google in an effort to locate them, yet all…


SQL Server 2014 Columnstore Indexes: The Big Deck

The History Though Columnstore indexes were introduced in SQL Server 2012; they’re still largely unknown.  In 2012, some adoption blockers remained; yet Columnstore was nonetheless a game changer for many apps.  In SQL Server 2014, potential blockers have been largely removed & Columnstore is going to profoundly change the way we interact with our data….


Xperf: Install Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) with 242MB Download, Not the Entire 2.5GB Windows 7 SDK: Part 1

Say It Ain’t So! In my first post on Xperf, I described the simple 4.4MB download necessary to install the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) & the other tools which comprise the Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT), including Xperf. I was surprised to learn that the toolkit is no longer available in a discrete download. The only…


SQLIOSim Parser by Jens Suessmeyer & Yours Truly

New! Improved! v.3.3.0 Now Available on CodePlex!  Preamble SQLIOSim Parser shreds the results of SQLIOSim.log.xml in seconds, allowing easier & more accurate interpretation of the output of SQLIOSim. SQLIOSim is a tool written by CSS Engineer Bob Dorr.  Many of you know Bob from the excellent insights he shares on the CSS SQL Server Engineers blog. …


Aspiring Geek Speaks This Week Yet Again: Perpetual Technologies (PTI) Back-to-School with Microsoft and Oracle Event

Yesterday I flew to Minneapolis to speak at PASS MN on disk partition alignment.  I left for the airport immediately afterward to get home to Indianapolis in order to speak at Perpetual Technologies, Inc. (PTI) 2nd Annual Back to School with Microsoft & Oracle Event. PTI is home to some great folks, including my friends…


sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats: Kick Your Assumptions: Part 1

                  A two-part tale in which your humble correspondent interrogates                    databases & Very Smart Persons (VSPs), & is forced to kick his ass-                   umptions regarding a popular DMF. Executive Summary Documentation for the DMF sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats in BOL here & here as well as elsewhere is incorrect.  In fact, ops stats will not return…


SQL CAT New Whitepaper: Data Compression: Strategy, Capacity Planning and Best Practices by Sanjay Mishra, et al.

Data Compression: Strategy, Capacity Planning and Best Practices Hot off the presses, the SQL CAT team has just published a new whitepaper for which I had the opportunity to provide a technical review.  The author is SQL CAT best practices maven Sanjay Mishra.  Contributors include SQL CAT member Sunil Agarwal and architects Marcel van der…


Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment): Make the Case: Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

I recently collaborated with Microsoft PFE Daniel Janik to create a template to make the case for disk partition alignment.  Perhaps your customers or stakeholders within your organization can benefit.  This work was recently broadcast throughout PFE DLs as well as the April 2009 SQLRAP Newsletter.  Thanks also to Cindy Gross & Ward Pond for…