Two Presentations This Weekend at #SQLSaturday349 in Salt Lake City

I have the privilege of being selected to fill two slots this weekend at #SQLSaturday349 in Salt Lake City.  The venue is simultaneously hosting the Big Mountain Data event. My talks are: To the Cloud, Infinity, & Beyond: Top 10 Lessons Learned at MSIT & Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2014: Flipping the DW /faster…


SQLIOSim Parser by Jens Suessmeyer & Yours Truly

New! Improved! v.3.3.0 Now Available on CodePlex!  Preamble SQLIOSim Parser shreds the results of SQLIOSim.log.xml in seconds, allowing easier & more accurate interpretation of the output of SQLIOSim. SQLIOSim is a tool written by CSS Engineer Bob Dorr.  Many of you know Bob from the excellent insights he shares on the CSS SQL Server Engineers blog. …


SQL CAT New Whitepaper: Data Compression: Strategy, Capacity Planning and Best Practices by Sanjay Mishra, et al.

Data Compression: Strategy, Capacity Planning and Best Practices Hot off the presses, the SQL CAT team has just published a new whitepaper for which I had the opportunity to provide a technical review.  The author is SQL CAT best practices maven Sanjay Mishra.  Contributors include SQL CAT member Sunil Agarwal and architects Marcel van der…


New Article on SQL CAT: Initializing a Transactional Replication Subscriber from an Array-Based Snapshot by Benjamin Wright-Jones

Preamble I had the opportunity to perform a tech review of a very cool article by Benjamin Wright-Jones:  Initializing a Transactional Replication Subscriber from an Array-Based Snapshot The array of geekly luminaries who contributed include SQL CAT members Prem Mehra & Mike Ruthruff as well as Ken England, Greg Yvkoff, Qun Guo, & Gopal Ashok….


Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment): Make the Case: Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

I recently collaborated with Microsoft PFE Daniel Janik to create a template to make the case for disk partition alignment.  Perhaps your customers or stakeholders within your organization can benefit.  This work was recently broadcast throughout PFE DLs as well as the April 2009 SQLRAP Newsletter.  Thanks also to Cindy Gross & Ward Pond for…


A Language for Software Architecture by JD Meier in The Architecture Journal

J.D. Meier is a Principal Program Manager for Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices team.  He’s a great writer & a clear thinker.  J.D.’s Sources of Insight is devoted to getting results & balancing life. His latest-&-greatest publication is available now: A Language for Software Architecture J.D. Meier, The Architecture Journal, #19, TechEd 2009 Special Edition Article…


Disk I/O Case Study: Classic Case of SAN Over-Subscription

SAN Over-SubscriptionThere are a variety of challenges related to I/O performance.  One common problem is “SAN Over-Subscription”, which is characterized by the the following symptoms: High disk latency and Low IOPs & Throughput As MS PFE & fellow perf engineer Shane Creamer describes it, think of sucking your favorite adult beverage through a pinched straw….


sp_reset_connection Does NOT Reset TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL: Unexpected Behavior By Design

I’ve long been an advocate of the best practice of explicitly setting the transaction isolation level in my scripts. At my old day job as an enterprise architect I mandated that along with SET NOCOUNT ON, the preamble for all SProcs explicitly must declare the appropriate transaction isolation level. In addition, all ad hoc queries…


Perception, Reality, & Incrementally Tuning World-Class Applications

Performance & the 20% Rule I was reading the post from Ed Glas, Make Your Performance Work Count: The 20% Rule.  He shared the words of computer science professor & billionaire entrepreneur David Cheriton: If it is fast and ugly, they will use it and curse you; if it is slow, they will not use…