Aspiring Geek Speaks This Week Yet Again: Perpetual Technologies (PTI) Back-to-School with Microsoft and Oracle Event

Yesterday I flew to Minneapolis to speak at PASS MN on disk partition alignment.  I left for the airport immediately afterward to get home to Indianapolis in order to speak at Perpetual Technologies, Inc. (PTI) 2nd Annual Back to School with Microsoft & Oracle Event.

PTI is home to some great folks, including my friends Kristin Sheibley, Ray Lucas (an IndyPASS colleague), & MVP nominee Arie “AJ” Jones, proprietor of the Programmer’s Edge blog.  Here’s AJ’s post on the event.

I’ll be speaking along with many others, including my Microsoft colleagues Tom Pizzato & Joe Carver.


I’ve been asked to speak on two different topics:

Table Partitioning in SQL Server 2005 & 2008
Data can be stored by using the storage algorithms provided by Partitioned Tables and Indexes. Partitioning can make large tables and indexes more manageable and scalable.  Learn keywords, key concepts, & see meaningful demonstrations on techniques related to table partitioning which are consistent with enhanced performance, scalability, & management.

Combining Transactional Replication & DB Mirroring
Database mirroring can be used in conjunction with replication to provide availability for the publication database. Database mirroring involves two copies of a single database that typically reside on different computers. Mirroring involves applying the transaction log from every insertion, update, or deletion made on the principal database onto the mirror database.  Replication failover to a mirror is supported without the need to reinitialize replication.  Learn & see how these High Availability options can work together in SQL Server, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

If you’re available, c’mon down!.  There’s no charge, & you can register here.

Here’s the venue:

Junior Achievement Center
7435 North Keystone Avenue
Indianapolis IN 46240

Principal Performance Engineer: SQL Server
A.C.E.: Assessment Consulting & Engineering Services
Don’t practice in front of the CIO.  A professional prepares ahead of time.
     —Pond's 12th Law

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