A World Without Google

If you’re reading this, you survived last week’s Google glitch. 

Learn more here about the events of Thursday morning, May 14, 2009:

Frustration, distress over Google outage 
Verne Kopytoff, San Francisco Chronicle

For the record, I interrogated the Internets to cite this article using live.com.  Thanks to A.C.E. engineer Edmund Wong for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. Alik Levin says:

    I use Google but I did not notice the glitch. I have a habit of making offline copies of stuff that matters. I never rely on online stuff. I cannot imagine myself at customer telling him “Uhmmm… Google is down and I will still bill you just for being here, but next time I will bill you for the actual solution–if Google is online”.

    Seems like a “partially connected” system design perfectly fits this situation. As a solution architect my take is that going to the cloud is a good move, but one must design it in such a way that when glitches occur the system must remain operational.

    This is good lesson to be learned by solutions architects who continue to design systems w/o thinking about connectivity issues like this one.  😉

  2. Jimmy May says:

    @alikl Great points.  Engineering discipline & common sense demand we architect robust solutions for our customers.

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