MSDN Blog Box Beefed Up and SProcs Tweaked For New! Improved! User Experience

A few weeks ago Cindy Gross brought this tweet to my attention from SQL Server MVP Jason Massie:

statisticsio:  I should pdf the essential posts from @aspiringgeek and sqlcat because everytime I really need them is crawling.

Yes, aspiringgeek is my Twitter handle.  Who’d’ve thunk it? 

And who’d’ve thunk Microsoft’s blogging backend could be so nonperformant?  Jason isn’t alone—there’s been a bit of dialog internally as well.

This week our old SQL Server has been replaced by a beefier new one, & SProcs have been tweaked.  The downtime was worth it.  Our pages are loading ¡mucho mas rapido, amigos! 

Alicia Cales, a Program Manager whose exact capacity eludes me but who has epitomized grace under pressure (as well as recently lending her personal assistance to get me out of a jam), reports that beefier hardware has been added to our backend & some SProcs have been tweaked.

The result so far is fairly profound.  Check out your favorite MSDN blogs & see for yourself.

Kudos to those responsible—Alicia & others—for gittin’-‘r-done.


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PS  Be sure to check out Cindy's tweets, her blog, Jason on twitter, & his blog.  Gotta love his Twitter background image, eh?

Comments (4)

  1. Rob Howard says:

    The entire site and software will be getting a significant overhaul in the very near future.

  2. Alik Levin says:

    Jimmy, good update!

    It really seems it is /faster now 😉

  3. Daniel Smith says:

    Amen! has been running like a dog lately, but it’s definitely looking better now.

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