DST: It’s About Time!

Daylight Saving Time, DST, has finally returned.  We sprung forward yesterday.  I love DST! 

For years here in Indiana I had no reason to celebrate. That changed recently.

I was a proud member of the Hoosier Daylight Coalition, a grass roots organization largely responsible for ending Indiana's decades-long hiatus from DST.

As the organization's technical liaison I had the privilege of outfitting, configuring, & maintaining all manner of technical details: PCs, email & dead tree mail merges, updates to the web site, etc.

You could say I was a "community organizer" before it was cool.  ¡w00t!

As a DBA at various times for organizations led by both men, I personally introduced serial entrepreneur Scott A. Jones & Celadon Trucking magnate Steve Russell.  These men leveraged their roles as leaders of the Indiana business community to further promote DST.

<ADD>Scott is best known as the inventor of voice mail.  Yes, he's the man to thank.  His current project is search engine ChaCha.  Besides the usual search functionality, ChaCha has live operators—real people!  You can even phone (800.2CHACHA) or text (242242) your questions.  It's unbelievably cool!</ADD>

I used to work the night-side shift at FedEx.  I know from personal experience the havoc caused by Indiana's non-compliance with the rest of the world.  Years of practice seemed not to make it any easier for us.

I've had more than one interstate phone meeting complicated by Indiana's not having subscribing to DST.  Earlier this decade I even missed a Kalen Delaney webinar.

Multiply these discombobulations by tens of thousands, by millions, & you get a feeling for the business costs.  But DST doesn't merely lubricate the engines of commerce.

I now live next to one of the largest urban park in the country, & on those wonderful weeks I'm home I have an extra hour each day to ride my bike or go for a walk with my lovely bride & Fannie May the Wonder Dog.  Dittos for myriad others.

And yes, besides my technical contributions & the timeliness, this post has a geekly point related directly to SQL.  My friend, buddy, pal, & SQL Guru Ward Pond made this excellent post a few years ago:

Database Programming: Slaying The Time Zone Conversion Beast (or at least rendering it comatose)

Cool stuff, eh?  Enjoy the extra daylight while it lasts!

Post-Publication Notes

The edifying & entertaining word smythe who calls himself Ward Pond has posted a bit of an update:
As Spring Approaches, a SQL Blogger’s Thoughts Turn to Daylight and Baseball

I've since stumbled across an interesting, relevant post from Paul Randall of  www.sqlskills.com:
How does daylight savings time affect disaster recovery? 


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  1. c++ guy says:

    Lots of places don’t do daylight savings time: Alaska, Hawaii, Japan…

    I’ve lived with it and without, and I prefer without.


    It seems like whenever the politicians get bored, they tweak the daylight savings time and call it an accomplishment.

  2. Alik Levin says:

    "Change the world or go home!" 😉

  3. Jimmy May says:

    @C++ Guy:  Ha-Ha!  Your comment epitomizes the reason the vote was so contentious & so close here in Indiana.  However, please be mindful, this wasn’t merely the political meddling–something I typically loathe–but something the people wanted.  As I stated, the Hoosier Daylight Coalition was a grass roots organization.

    @alikl:  That’s one of my favorite lines–thanks!

  4. RoudyBob says:

    You meant "largest urban park in the county", not "country", right Mr. May?  According to my sources, the Chugach State Park in Anchorage, AK is the largest city park at 495,996 acres. Eagle Creek is way down at #17.  Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. Jimmy May says:

    @RoudyBob:  I did in fact mean “country” as in the US.  Yet -#17 isn’t bad, eh?  Really though, I thought Eagle Creek was #1.  I’ve modified the post to reflect reality.

    Lest my blog fall into the same abyss of inaccuracy which has stricken other media, say, the New York Times (or now that Mr. Slim has invested, is it Los Tiempos de Nuevo York?), let me know if you’re available as an editor.

    Seriously, thanks for the fact check!

  6. AndyK says:

    It’s still winter and we are into double daylight savings time.  Sunrise is after eight o’clock. It’s just wrong.

    I am not against DST, we are just in the wrong time zone.  Actually, I thought the old system (New York time in the winter, Chicago time in the summer) was a clever Hoosier adaptation to living on a time zone border (sort of like a blues note trying to be 2 different notes).

  7. Jimmy May says:

    @AndyK:  Double DST?  Is that anything like double secret probation?  😉  Where in the world do you live?

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