Is Twitter the YouTube of 2008?

Always in pursuit of the elusive creature known as Work/Life Balance, I discard activities which monopolize my scarce bandwidth.  I even struggled with tagging this post under "Productivity".  Yet it struck me that Twitter was reaching critical mass, so I thought I ought to see what all the buzz was about.  With a shortcut on my Links command bar, how much time could Twitter consume, what with its 140-character limit per Tweet, eh?


Coincidentally—I won't say serendipitously—one of my favorite commentators, Andrew Ferguson, has a feature on Twitter & its Twits & Tweets in the latest-&-greatest Weekly Standard:

     Twits on Parade:  Twittering is the newest of the new media. And the worst


Entertaining as his writing is, Andrew's opinion of Twitter is less than auspicious.  For now, though, I'm a Twitter.


Do you agree with Andrew that Twitter is the YouTube of 2008?


As Halloween rapidly approaches, I can't resist the corny wordplay:  Happy Twitter: Twit or Tweet!  Tweet me at

Comments (3)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    I would say no, because YouTube is actually useful.

  2. Beth Wilson says:

    I would beg to differ with Kevin above, I use both to market my business and both have positive and negative sides. Although YouTube is very good to drive traffic if you make a good video, Twitter is good to let your following know of important stuff going on with your business.

  3. Jimmy May says:

    @Beth: Interesting–I’ll remain mindful.  (Interesting site, btw!)

    @Kevin: Ha! I was in your camp, & I’m still wondering–especially after reading Andre Ferguson’s article.  If you’ve not already done so, I invite you to do so–it’s a hoot.

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