Hello, World!

Greetings, & welcome to my blog.  This is my first blog post.  Ever.  What an auspicious moment.


I’m blogging because my boss, my boss’s boss, & his boss all suggested I do so.  I can take a hint.  We all know the saying, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it”.  Note to aforementioned bosses:  Be mindful of that saying while you are reading this.


I work for Microsoft’s Assessment Consulting & Engineering team (A.C.E.).  I work with some of the smartest people on the planet.  A.C.E. is said by some to be the best there is, anywhere in the world, when it comes to performance & security.  It’s a genuine honor to work with these folks.  See the A.C.E. team blog for some of their brilliant insights:  http://blogs.msdn.com/ace_team


I am nominally a Microsoft SQL Server Performance “Subject Matter Expert” or SME, so of course I’ll make posts on enabling the ever elusive sqlservr.exe /faster switch.  I also have soap boxes labeled Best Practices, Microsoft Office Productivity, & Personal Productivity.


I’m always eager to evangelize useful info, yet what do I have to say which hasn’t already been said, & said well?  Keep your peepers peeled & judge for yourself. 


In ruminating on my first post, I recollected the words of Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, the geekly archetype, my hero.  Scott’s thoughts on starting his own blog were:



     When I see news stories about people all over the world who are experiencing hardships, I worry about them, and I rack my brain wondering how I can make a difference.  So I decided to start my own blog.  That way I won't have time to think about other people.

     People who are trying to decide whether to create a blog or not go through a thought process much like this:

            1. The world sure needs more of ME.

            2. Maybe I'll shout more often so that people nearby can experience the joy of knowing my thoughts.

            3. No, wait, shouting looks too crazy.

            4. I know—I'll write down my daily thoughts and badger people to read them.

            5. If only there was a description for this process that doesn't involve the words egomaniac or unnecessary.

            6. What? It's called a blog?  I'm there!

     The blogger's philosophy goes something like this:

     Everything that I think about is more fascinating than the <fecal matter> in your head.

     The beauty of blogging, as compared to writing a book, is that no editor will be interfering with my random spelling and grammar, my complete disregard for the facts, and my wandering sentences that seem to go on and on and never end so that you feel like you need to take a breath and clear your head before you can even consider making it to the end of the sentence that probably didn't need to be written anyhoo.


The Dilbert Newsletter, The Official Publication of Dogbert's New Ruling Class, October 25, 2005, Issue 61



Perhaps my subsequent posts will be more substantive.  Stay tuned...

Comments (4)

  1. Alik Levin says:


    Welcome to the blogosphere, I could not wait to see detailed explanation on sqlservr.exe /faster in your next post so i configured it myself but it only crashed the system.

    I searched the web but no luck


    Please post more info on that one. Cannot wait.




  2. vered says:

    Welcome and good luck!

    Thde blogosphere is a fun place to be. 🙂

  3. Jimmy May says:

    @vered: Thanks!

    @alikl:  The SQL /faster switch is a metaphor, of course.  Credit for the idea goes to Microsoft ACE Sr. Engagement Manager Eddie Lau of the Greater China Region (GRC).  I thought it was such a good concept I liberated it for my own use.  Stay tuned for more info!

  4. Background In a previous post I documented the importance of disk partition alignment as a foundation

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