How to Get DB Server Information from the Command Line

Life is simple in SharePoint development environments. You typically have administrative access to all servers. Need to check database permissions or grant access to another account? Want to create or drop a database? Want to do a backup or restore? No problem, logon the DB server and open up SQL Server Management Studio. But what…


Schedule a Full User Profile Import

It may be desirable to perform full profile imports on a regular schedule, possibly once a month or once a quarter. This would ensure picking up changes in the import connection rules (included containers and filters for example), and changes to the profile property schema (new properties and changes in mapping to existing properties). The…


Kerberos Access Denied for Domain Local Groups

We recently encountered a situation where users were denied access to site collections in SharePoint 2010 web applications using Kerberos authentication. The users should have been granted access because they were members of domain local security groups, and those domain  local groups were added to the visitors SharePoint group for the site collections. The same…


Where to Start Office Web Apps Related Services?

This question was recently asked: Where do I start the Office Web Applications in a farm with multiple web front ends (WFEs) and application servers (APPs)? There is a TechNet article that talks about this, This rather long article includes this sentence: Start the services on the Web front-end servers on which you want…


My Site Default Quota Template

We recently encountered a subtle issue setting the quota used when creating My Sites; that is, My Content personal sites. The default quota template MUST be named “personal site” or sites are created without a quota. Here is the whole story. When you first open General Settings dialog for a new web application, it shows…


Service Application Load Balancing Discoveries

Most SharePoint administrators know that Service Applications; for example Managed Metadata Service and Business Connectivity Services, have built-in load balancing. There are numerous blogs that explain how service application load balancing works. An excellent, in-depth blog is How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SharePoint Topology Service, followed by What is the Service…


Publishing Service Applications with PowerShell

Publishing Service Applications with PowerShell While scripting the deployment of a multiple farm SharePoint 2010 environment with a Shared Services farm providing services to consuming farms, the question arose, is it possible to publish a service application with PowerShell? Without this scripted capability, many manual steps would be necessary to build the farm. There are…


Secure Store Service Access Denied

Secure Store Service Access Denied We recently ran into an Access Denied problem using the Secure Store Service. The environment has a Shared Services Farm which publishes the Secure Store Service (along with BCS, Managed Metadata, User Profile, FAST Query SSA, and Web Analytics) to consuming farms ( Each farm has unique Farm Administrator accounts;…


SharePoint Developer Environment Security Primer

SharePoint Developer Environment Security Primer Confusion often surrounds what privileges must be granted to developers to build and deploy solutions on a development server. It would seem the developer can be added to both the local machine administrator and farm administrator groups; and then be able to do anything. Unfortunately, the first time the developer…


SPDiag Error Creating a Snapshot

SPDiag Error Creating a Snapshot Many people see error messages when attempting to create an SPDiag snapshot. In my experience the root cause is either the PowerShell remoting configuration or the credential delegating group policy. Sometimes this is not obvious if you only see a vague, generic error. First, consider what happens during a snapshot….