New Responsibilities

It’s been a while since I last posted, so I apologize for “going dark” to use the Microsoft parlance. I am now the program manager for Team Build as well as the acting program manager for Administration and Operations (excluding eventing, linking and area/iteration pathing). I’m working hard to ramp up on my new areas…


Re-thinking Presentations

Since joining Microsoft seven weeks ago, I’ve seen more PowerPoint presentations than I had seen in the previous five years. It quickly became apparent to me that the primary forms of communication at Microsoft are email and PowerPoint. You may be familiar with Edward Tufte’s scathing indictment of how PowerPoint is generally used to communicate…


Scheduling Tips for Microsoftees outside of Redmond

While it’s great to be able to live in an area like Raleigh-Durham and work for Microsoft, it does have its complications. To schedule meetings that include staff from both Raleigh and Redmond you have to keep the time difference in mind and, while Outlook has some features to facilitate this, it’s not totally straightforward….