Integrating Dependencies into Team Build 2010

I was just reading Brad Butt’s Suggestions for Microsoft, Part 1 and I thought I’d take the opportunity to let him know that we are addressing two of his three frustrations in Team Build 2010. Brad’s Frustration #1: MSTest cannot stand alone from the Visual Studio IDE The Team Test team is planning to provide…


BizTalk Server and Team Build

We’ve been talking with the BizTalk Server team about supporting MSBuild (and, transitively, Team Build) in their next release but I thought I’d share a really terrific post I recently came across about building BizTalk Server projects with the current version of Team Build. Mikael Håkansson has authored a two-part blog post on Using Team…


Project System Compatibility with Team Build

There are a number of projects that you can create and build in Visual Studio that are not supported by MSBuild. That means you can’t use MSBuild to build them from a command line and you can’t build them if they’re contained in a solution you’re building with Team Build. These project types include: SQL…


SQL Server Integration Services and Team Build

I recently came across a helpful post on Jim Morris’ IDeveloper blog. He describes how to get your SSIS packages "building" in MSBuild (allowing them to be built by Team Build as well). The problem stems from the fact that Team Build uses MSBuild but SSIS projects are not written in MSBuild format. They are…


Best Practices for Shared Virtual Machines

I was working with a shared VPC the other day and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on how to make them a little easier to work with. Turn off the Shutdown Event Tracker The Shutdown Event Tracker is a feature in Windows Server that prompts the user to explain why they are…


Microsoft is Hiring in Raleigh!

I was on SourceForge today and spotted this ad: It’s nice to see the Raleigh site called out in a Microsoft recruiting ad!