Turn on Compile-time View Checking for ASP.NET MVC Projects in TFS Build 2010

When you create a View for an ASP.NET MVC web application, you add an .ASPX or .ASCX file that uses the ASP.NET engine to render a combination of mark-up and code. Unfortunately, those Views don’t get compiled until IIS renders them for your web site which means that something as simple as a typo in…


CustomizableOutDir in TFS 2010

Aaron Hallberg had previously blogged about Preserving Output Directory Structures in Orcas Team Build. The approach he described allows you to work around the problem of having all of your build outputs dumped into a single directory. Unfortunately, things have changed in TFS 2010 and the approach he describes is no longer applicable. There is,…


Configuring Multiple TFS Build Services on one Machine

In TFS 2010, the Build Service is a Windows Service that is associated with a particular TFS Team Project Collection. Each Build Service support zero to one (0..1) Build Controllers and zero to n (0..n) Build Agents. Each Build Agent is associated to a specific Build Controller but an Agent and its corresponding Controller don’t…


Test Page

This is a test of some source code embedded from Gist How does it look?


Installing just the Server Components of TFS 2010

If you’re developing (or planning to develop) on the Team Foundation API and you want to get the server assemblies installed on your machine in addition to the client assemblies that are included with Visual Studio, just follow these simple steps: Launch Setup from the TFS 2010 media Navigate to the feature selection page of…