BizTalk Server and Team Build

We’ve been talking with the BizTalk Server team about supporting MSBuild (and, transitively, Team Build) in their next release but I thought I’d share a really terrific post I recently came across about building BizTalk Server projects with the current version of Team Build.

Mikael Håkansson has authored a two-part blog post on Using Team Foundation Build for BizTalk projects (Part 2). There’s no “one size fits all” solution to these sorts of problems, but Mikael has put together a pretty sophisticated solution to meet his needs that includes a set of custom tasks (downloadable from his blog). If it doesn’t meet your specific requirements, it will certainly give you a head start.

If you’re looking for a simpler solution to the problem, Scott Colestock has a nice write-up on building BizTalk solutions with Team Build that involves using an Exec task to launch DevEnv.exe on the solution with your BizTalk project. Alternatively, you can use Aaron Hallberg’s excellent DevEnv Task.

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