Debugging Glossary

During a recent UI meeting here at work, one of our PM’s (Habib Heydarian) mentioned that while at Tech Ed, he was shocked at just how many developers don’t have an understanding of the terms used while debugging, let alone how to use a debugger effectively.  Then we talked about ways fixing that particular problem.  One…


Debugging Glossary

Terms and Definitions related to debugging, debuggers and Visual Studio’s implementation of a debugger.  Currently italicized words are used to indicate terms that are defined elsewhere in the glossary.   Break Mode – The state Visual Studio is in when a breakpoint has been hit.  The program being debugged is in Break State. Break State – This…


The UI for entering new blog entries in this Weblog community sucks!

I just have to vent!  The mechanism for adding a new post to my blog via the embedded “HTML” editor is awful.  It’s far easier for me to launch FrontPage (the absolute latest shipping version, mind you), type it there then just paste it in here.  I’ve tried Word as well, but it gets pretty…


A magazine-like interface for browsing/page-turning…

I am part of an email distribution list here at MS that is focused on the topic of User Interface Design.    Recently, one of the members posted a question to the list asking for input and/or examples of how the task of browsing a physical magazine might be replicated on a computer.  While it doesn’t have much…


(Let’s try this again) A favorite photo!

Being that I have two boys (13 & 16) that play Little League baseball, and my interest in photograpy, I have spent a LOT of time taking pictures of them and their team.  It’s All-Star season now, and I’m happy to report that both boys made the team in their respective divisions.  But that’s not the point of…


Debugger windows, under what menu item should they live?

Andy has recently posted a question: Should debugging windows be accessible under the Views top-level menu item or under the Debug top-level menu item?  Or both?  Please respond at:  


No Prince haters? And a few “country” artists make the Good Music list!

I’m continually amazed at how long my Good Music / Bad Music list can go on without getting one single comment about Prince being at the tip-top of my Good Music list.  It’s not that I put him there to generate blog traffic – I actually DO like his music more than anybody else on the planet….


JoeN’s Visual Studio 2005 Walkthrough…

In case I’ve whetted your appetite with Enhanced Datatips, JoeN (one of our senior Visual C# PMs) posted an article detailing many of the other new and very cool features of Whidbey (aka Visual Studio 2005).


Enhanced Datatip Design Notes

If you attended the recent Tech Ed in San Diego, you would have had a chance to see some of the new whiz-bang debugger features that Whidbey will ship with.  One feature that is very near to me (because I wrote it) is the new, much improved and useful datatips — something we refer to around here…