Debugging Glossary

During a recent UI meeting here at work, one of our PM's (Habib Heydarian) mentioned that while at Tech Ed, he was shocked at just how many developers don't have an understanding of the terms used while debugging, let alone how to use a debugger effectively.  Then we talked about ways fixing that particular problem.  One way was to create a glossary of debugging terms.  Ideally, this would be something that would seemlessly fit within our help topics, so that if you were reading along and came across a term you didn't know, you could simply hover or click the mouse to learn it's definition.  Unfortunately, we likely don't have time to get that level of help inside our documentation before we ship.  We'll do something, but in the meantime...

Why wait until we ship?  I figured starting a debugging glossary right here, right now might be useful.  Click here to go to the work-in-progress


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