No Prince haters? And a few “country” artists make the Good Music list!

I’m continually amazed at how long my Good Music / Bad Music list can go on without getting one single comment about Prince being at the tip-top of my Good Music list.  It’s not that I put him there to generate blog traffic – I actually DO like his music more than anybody else on the planet.  But given his quirkiness in the public eye, I thought for SURE I’d get some verbal abuse.... more

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  1. Greg Pyatt says:

    Prince: not the most masculine guy, but he’s probably bedded more hot-looking models, actresses, and starlets than anyone who could raise such a criticism. And how about this for a Prince-country music tie-in: Bonnie Raitt’s song "Fundamental" seriously sounds like it could have been written by Prince. Yeah, I’m a big Prince fan too, but that LoveSexy cover art and the name change made it harder to enjoy being a fan. Now that he’s got his name back, I’ll probably buy some of the more recent albums I skipped.

  2. Jim Griesmer says:

    Thanks Greg, I’ll definitely have to take a listen to "Fundamental". Bonnie Raitt belongs on my Good Music list irregardless.

    As for later stuff you might like from the Purple 1, I would highly recommend the O(+> album. I think it’s usually referred to as "The Love Symbol" album. I think this one was WAY underrated, most likely due to the timing. The track "Sacrifice" is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a classic example of all aspects of Prince’s musicianship in one easily digestable tune.

  3. Prince Fan says:

    Prince sings "I can’t make you love me" on the Emancipation Album

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