My name is Jim Griesmer.  I am a user-interface developer for the Visual Studio Debugger team.  My interests not only include thoughts on software development, user interface design, debugging, and other highly nerdy computer issues, but also photography -- primarily digital photography. 

At work I focus on creating the user-interface for the Visual Studio debugger that is simple, intuitive, and useful for both the hardest of the hard-core developers and newest newbies.  This is no mean feat!  

With regard to photography, I'd consider myself avid amateur, or extremely lame professional, having sold a few dozen kid sport pictures.  If I didn't need to sleep I would use that time to master the powerful, but “massively-inconsistently-intuitive” features of Adobe Photoshop. 

I also have a wife and 3 kids who'll probably end up being mentioned every so often on here.

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