Good and Bad Music

I have to be honest, I’m continually amazed at how long this list can go on, without getting one single comment about Prince being at the top of my “Good Music” list.  It’s not that I put him there to generate blog traffic – I actually DO like his music more than anybody else on the planet.  But given his quirkiness in the public eye, I thought for SURE I’d get some verbal abuse. 


Actually, I did get one comment about him being on the list, but it was through email and it was my half-sister.  She just graduated from college with a BS in …um… well I’m not sure of the actual name of the degree, but she does a lot of work for lighting for any type of performance.  She doesn’t like Prince because she heard he was “a pain in the butt” (not her words) when it comes to working for him.  She may be right, she may be wrong, but it won’t stop me from listening to his stuff.  Anybody with first-hand experience here would be really cool to hear from!


As for some of the alternative bands and artists some of you have posted, I may listen to them if they actually make it to the public airwaves.  It’s not that I don’t wish I could listen to everyone’s suggestions, I don’t really have the time or energy to listen to artists that haven’t gone through a “decent” level of public scrutiny.  When I say “Pearl Jam” most people understand what type of music I’m talking about.  When I say “RedLightMusic” or even “Béla Fleck and the Flecktones” many, many of you will neither have a clue as to what they sound like, nor will you ever (unless you have some sort of freakish infatuation with my list of favorite artists).  So, if you do have recommendations, please let me know WHY you think I might like them.

Oh, and for today’s update, all I added was a few country artists to the end of the Good Music list, since one of the posts asked about them.  


BTW, my opinion on these matters is actually not opinion, but fact.

:b Tongue planted firmly in cheek

You’re oh so welcome,



The following list of artists represents the music I will continue to listen to because it's… well... good.  Following the “Good Music” list is another list of “Anti-music” that if listened to and enjoyed indicates a serious mental condition that should be immediately treated.  I'm very sorry.

I reserve the absolute right to change my mind at any time.  For example, Christina Aguilera, could have quite possibly ended up on the “Bad Music“ list after her first album.  However, her second album came through strong for her and earned her a place in the “Good Music” list.


Good Music (Other than Prince, the rest is in no particular order)

Prince, or “The artist formerly known as O+>“ or “The artist formerly known as 'The artist formerly known as Prince'”

This row has been intentionally left blank, in order to separate and honor the uber-artist (above) from the rest of the “good music” pack (below).

Dave Matthews Band

Fiona Apple

Sarah McLachlan


Outkast (Before Hey Ya, there was “The Whole World” and “Bombs Over Baghdad”)


Stone Temple Pilots 

The White Stripes

Foo Fighters

Pearl Jam


Christina Aguilera (yes, I think Stripped has some excellent music on it)

Nine Inch Nails

Stevie Ray Vaughn


The Beatles


Destiny's Child

Jimi Hendrix

Led Zepplin


Queens of the Stone Age

Temple of the Dog


Alice in Chains

Norah Jones

Tori Amos

Avril Levigne (so far, so good)

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones

Kid Rock

Guns ‘n Roses (See “Butt Rock” bands, below)

Alisson Kraus & Union Station (Ah’m not a big country fayan, but ah jus’ luv this stuff!  I’s thank this group’s stahl wood be classifahd as bluegrayss, which ah thank is pretty damn country, ain’t it?)

Garth Brooks (catchy tunes… Not sure about the “country” part though)

Shania Twain (see Garth Brooks)


“Not sure yet” Music


? Looking to be Good


? Just don't know yet


? Looking to be Bad


Strokes (-)

Jet (^)

The Hives (-)

The Velvet Revolver (^)

Anti-music aka Bad Music aka “Non Music”

John "ooo-look-at-me-I'm-Dave-Matthews" Mayer (His big song "You're Body is a Wonderland" has got to be one of the stupidest songs I've ever heard)

Barenakedladies (they just wore me down)

Incubus (I had high hopes, but a listen to their latest album put them in this category.)

Staind (eh.  Not good enough to be on the good list)

The Vines (Several more listens to “Highly Evolved” put them here)

Linkin Park

Britney Spears


Evanescence (I’ve been challenged on this one… Honestly, I’ll have to give them another listen).

Limp Bizkit

Justin Timberlake (ho-hum)

50 cent

The Darkness

Sum 41

Good Charlotte

Any “Butt Rock“ band from the 80's such as Bon Jovi, Poison, Cinderella, Motley Crue, White Snake, Winger, yes, all of these... except for Guns 'n Roses




Comments (29)

  1. you can’t deny the evanescence, other than that I generally agree.

  2. JimGries says:

    Of course I can deny them it’s my blog, but I have to admit that it IS based on listening to the one song on the radio over and over and over and over and over and over again. I actually listened through their CD once.

    Oh, regarding this comment there’s one more thing I forgot to mention. My opinion is actually not opinion, but fact.

    :b Tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  3. Nelly is good and 50 Cent is bad. That alone invalidates your entire opinion. 🙂

  4. D. Brian Ellis says:

    I love Evanescence. Been listening to them before they hit radio and only had EP’s. They’re gonna suck now that they got big heads and their main songwriter walked out of the band. However, I agree with your other choices.

    P.S. Guns N’ Roses RULES! Check out Velvet Revolver…

  5. Frans Bouma says:

    Nine inch nails? You’re on crack! 😉

    Btw, you haven’t listed any prog metal bands like Symphony X or Dream Theater, therefore I don’t think you’re entitled to say anything about real music 😉

  6. Tim Marman says:

    See, that’s your first mistake – don’t listen to the radio.

    NIN is some great stuff. I’ve run the gamut in my day of different music I’ve gotten into.

    I agree with Dare here though. Nelly sucks, and 50 is actually quite good.

    Speaking of 50, I played his first CD on my college radio show back in 98/99. It sucks that he’s getting a little played out these days. Most of his recent lyrics don’t have the substance or wit that his older ones had. Now it’s just "you can’t kill me".

    One of my favorite rap lines ever: "An old-timer who schooled me told me don’t burn bridges my friend. Imagine if GW closed and your *** had to swim."

    Dream Theater is ok, I’ve moved on from that phase of my life. I’ve also moved on generally from punk, although I’ll occasionally still listen to some Minor Threat or Bad Religion or NOFX.

    The other thing I’ll say, only because my girlfriend loves the CD and listened to it so much, is that the Justin Timberlake CD is actually quite good. A lot of it is due to the production, of course, but isn’t that almost always the case? 🙂

  7. I agree with some of the comments: Evanescence is good, 50 Cent is good (if perhaps too gangster-ish for some), and Nelly is good for one song, but unfortunately he’s given that one song many, many titles.

  8. Scott Nonnenberg says:

    Yeah, I’m on the Evanescence bandwagon. I would almost say it’s unfortunate that they were discovered, except for the fact that I found out about them through MTV. :0) I’m truly surprised that the masses have eaten them up.

    In any case, everyone should check out for some quality not-sold-out music…

  9. Sam Jones says:

    50 Cent is good. You just don’t understand real hiphop.

  10. ALLY says:

    I think that Linkin’ Park and Evanescence make great music!People should search somebody else!Rock rules so…and there are a lot of artist that make really good mucis like :Michael Jackson,Madonna,Cesaria Evora,eminem…-Avril and X-tina (out)… Britney Spears actually is goos-is just peaople envy her because she’s got a great body,great moves and the beats are really cool on her album!

  11. Daniel O'Connell says:

    Late as I am, I say forget Evanescence and go to Lacuna Coil(Comalies is clean sung with dual vocalists), The Gathering(mid to late period stuff, with Anneke…their early LP’s were death metal with a male vocalist), and maybe Emotep’s Sneak Thieves if you can find it. All better bands, better(in The Gatherings case, distinct) vocalists, and drift into the same vein(if a touch heavier).

  12. Punk is the way to go!!

  13. Nick says:

    Some awesome artists missing in your good list :

    -KMFDM, industrial rock band that have been around for 20 years and still kicking asses (

    -Lucia, very great singer which launche her album May 18 ( I’ve already heard the whole album and… it simply is awesome.

  14. I agree with pretty much everything there. Though I’ll be a bastard and point out that you probably meant "Dave Matthews Band" – though his recent solo album isn’t bad, it’s with the band that he really shines.

    Bela Fleck & The Flecktones is one of my favorite bands of all time.

    I also haven’t yet tired of BNL altogether… I tend to like them in small doses.

    Furthermore, if you haven’t listened to John Mayer’s second album, it’s almost respectable (and a creative quantum leap beyond his first "100% derivative" effort).

    Some bands/artists you haven’t ranked… Phish, Trey Anastasio Band, Radiohead, Sublime, Live, and Ben Folds (another favorite of mine. Try the "Ben Folds Live" disc someday).

  15. jazmina says:

    50 cent is a good singer as well, snoop dog, eamon, ludacris, lil’jon.

  16. carlosthedwarf says:

    Try listening to a new band, none of you have ever heard of them, or rather I have two of them. Ari Hest and Ten Mile Tide. , . They are both excellent bands, although not very well known. Add some country music in there too, bud. Chesney? McGraw? Keith? What about Gavin Degraw?

  17. sara says:

    eh? should listen to more music all these are oldies rock or radio music.. i have nothing against some of the oldies. but man listen to some other stuff..

  18. D. Brian Ellis says:

    Two comments. 1) I hate Prince. I just feel no need to yell at you about it since it never does any good to tell them their music sucks. They just get mad for some reason. 2) The new Velvet Revolver album is AWESOME.


  19. Jim Griesmer says:

    Excellent, finally, an official slam against my top choice! You’re right that it’s not going to do any "good". I’ll listen to him probably till my dying day. But due to the lack of disagreement about him being on the list, there was a possibility that everyone agreed with my choice. And if that was the case, then my theory that he could be the anti-christ might actually the truth… And if that was true, then we are all doomed.

    Thanks D. Brian Ellis, for easing my troubled mind. 🙂

    Oh, so your also saying that given my choices for Good Music bands, I’m likely to like Velvet Revolver too? I hope so. I’m looking forward to hearing it!

  20. ciscokid1970 says:

    I am not sure of your age , gender or sexual preferance…but prince has a select group of die hard fans (ages ago he appealed to the mainstream)

    The only prince cds in my 2000+ album/cd music collection are purple rain and 1999. He has been on a down hill slide ever since.

    but what offends me the most is his insolence towards the common music fan, he was Good Morning America and said how he believes that "his fans" are more "refined and intellectual"…PLEASE GET REAL.

    I am not sure who you are but you are missing some of the greatest music acts of all time from your list:

    Beach boys, Eric Clapton, U2, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, BB King, Tool, zztop, Kiss, Moody Blues, Journey, Santana, Niel Diamond…and so on.

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