Setting up Video Recording in Microsoft Test and Lab Manager – Vs 2010 Beta 2

I had to set up a new VHD image earlier this week. When it came time to configure the Video Recording capabilities of Microsoft Test and Lab Manager, the instructions online were OK, but a bit lacking. Here are some easy-to-understand (for me, anyway) instructions for enabling Video Recording inside Microsoft Test Runner 2010 Beta…


Exercise – getting a jump on the new year

Over the weekend I finally went for a bike ride: just over 12 miles, averaging only 17 mph. And I thought I was going to die. It was overcast, cold (for here, anyway), and windy. When I got back home I felt like I’d just finished a marathon. What happened to 43 miles @ 17…


VHDTool – special sauce for VHD disks

Dear Reader, have you ever wished you could resize – grow – a fixed-sized VHD disk? Earlier today I sure did. A couple of months ago I created a smallish fixed-size VHD file that I boot native into, to use as the “host” for running Hyper-V images. That’s all I used it for. Just to…


Test Impact View in VS 2010 Beta 2

There are a lot of blog postings around that tell you how to set up Test Impact View for VS 2010. Unfortunately, most of them are out of date, explaining how to do it using the CTP bits from last year, or the Beta 1 bits from earlier this year. Here’s how to do it…


24 sessions on SharePoint this Saturday! (November 14)

If you’re into SharePoint, curious about it, have never heard of it, this is the day for you. SharePoint Saturday in Tampa – November 14. For details, navigate on over to Many of the sessions will be about SharePoint 2010, which is going to be an absolutely killer release. Session list: So go…


Do you have a .NET story?

Tell it and you could score big-time. See for details.


Using VS 2010 B2? Brian Harry would like to hear from you

If you’re using Visual Studio Beta 2, Brian Harry would love to hear from you. He’s most interested in your thoughts about the way it performs. Blazing fast? Crawls like a turtle? Let him know what you think. Here’s a link to his blog post. Go for it. Let him know.


Compatibility matrix for TFS and Team Explorer versions

The latest from the Team WIT Tools blog is an excellent post about the compatibility between Team Explorer versions and Team Foundation Server versions. (Link) The highlight is and easy-to-grok matrix of Clients to Servers. From the post: “TFS compatibility is taken very seriously – both new clients accessing older server versions and older clients…


Slide deck from Orlando SQLSaturday! session

Thanks to everyone who attended my database change management talk at this past weekend’s SQLSaturday! in Orlando. Having a room full of people who are engaged and asking questions makes presenting all the more fun. You can download the slide deck from the session from The slide deck is the first one in the…


It’s Here: VS 2010 Beta 2 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2

MSDN subscribers get first dibs through MSDN Subscriber Downloads; everyone else will be able to download beginning October 21. (Aren’t you glad you subscribe to MSDN?) Beta 2 is totally awesome. Be on the lookout for additional announcements that were made today regarding Visual Studio 2010 product packaging. And there’s nice, new, modern Visual Studio…