TFS and SharePoint

Today I had a customer ask me about the benefits of using TFS with SharePoint. There are a number of use cases, and the bottom line is yes, there are benefits.

One is the “old school” way
As in, the SharePoint site that can be created for each TFS Team Project that’s created. Helpful info:
SharePoint can be used as the repository for artifacts associated with the development project, such as project plans, vision/scope documents, contact lists, etc. (i.e., things that aren’t typically stored in the version control system itself.) SharePoint is a powerful solution that can be pimped out to the max. TFS reports can be exposed through the SharePoint Portal as shown below:


From the development side of things. . .
TFS can be used as a source code repository / version control system for your SharePoint development work, as it can for any other app dev. Basic, basic source code control. TFS doesn’t care what language or what type of solution is being created. Code is code. And TFS loves source code.

If you’re looking at build / deployment scenarios from TFS to SharePoint. . .
The TFS Build process can be used to deploy to SharePoint. These links provide some useful information about it:

So, how are you doing things? Is your TFS environment hooked into SharePoint?


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