Getting started videos for Silverlight and Expression

Just ran across these getting started training videos. They’re all between 10 and 20 minutes long. Easy to consume and digest during lunch!

  • What is Silverlight? An Overview
  • Understanding and Working with XAML Code in Expression Blend
  • Creating Vector-Based Artwork with Expression Design
  • Organizing Your Project using Layout Containers in Expression Blend
  • Applying Color and Effects to Projects using Expression Design
  • Editing the Appearance of Your Project Items using Expression Blend
  • Exploring the Objects and Timeline Task Pane in Expression Blend
  • Customizing Silverlight Video Players using Expression Blend
  • Optimizing Video for Silverlight Playback using Expression Encoder
  • Adding Interactivity to Silverlight Projects using Expression Blend
  • Publishing Silverlight Projects to the Web using Expression Blend

    You can find the main page at: The main page also has a “Getting started with standards-based design” video training series.

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