Chat with the TFS Setup and Admin Team regarding TFS 2010

From Charles Sterling’s blog, a real-time chat with the TFS Setup and Admin team:

The Team Foundation Server Setup and Admin team would like to help get you ready for Team Foundation Server Beta2 with a live presentation via live meeting.

While the session will focus on getting Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS) up and running Ed will also be touching on the features that now enable TFS to “scale down” to the smallest development efforts from both resource and administration point of view. This will session be a little different than my normal presentations in that we will also be running a parallel chat session for people to ask questions in real time.

See his blog post for date / time / connection info.

-- bliz

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  1. Ilaiyaraja says:

    How to configure two TFS using single sql instance….

  2. Ilaiyaraja, that can't be done. Why do you want to have two separate TFS Servers share a single instance of SQL Server? Have you considered using two Team Project Collections on one TFS Server instead? The two Team Project Collections could share the same SQL instance. See…/dd236915.aspx for details.

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