Earning College Credit with a Microsoft Certification

Tony reminds us that both students and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) are eligible to earn college credit with a Microsoft Certification. In short, approved certifications can be applied for up to six semester hours of college credit in either a bachelor degree or associate degree in computer applications, information technology, or computer information systems. In…


Customizing CRM for your Company

So many people want a customized experience with their CRM implementation. They want the product they choose to work the way they do. And this makes a lot of sense on a number of levels. So when I saw this video, I had to share it with you. Customizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product is…


Microsoft Dynamics Video Options

Do you find yourself wanting to use a video short clip about CRM for a meeting. There are a number of potentially interesting videos at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site on YouTube that might be good candidates for starting a training session or meeting. Where are your favorite sites for Microsoft Dynamics videos?


Microsoft Training Catalog

I was researching an answer for an oft-asked question, “Where can I get Microsoft Dynamics CRM training?” How many of my peeps use the Microsoft Training Catalog? I’d luv to hear about your experiences with this resource.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community Support ~ New Users

I have seen some requests for New User resources. Here are some resources to review: Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Video) Using Outlook with Dynamics CRM Online (Document) Getting Started with Importing Data (Document) Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers are encouraged to access CRM forums, wikis, and blogs, which are supported by support engineers…


Free Wheeling with some Summer Fun Coding Ideas

I was thinking of some Summer learning opportunities that might interest some of my developer friends. So in no particular order: 1. My Customers Are Using iPhone/Android, But I’m a Microsoft Guy. Now What?: In this session you’ll learn how to scale iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms using the Windows Azure platform. Then try Azure…


CRMUG: Introducing 10@10 of 10

How much can you learn about Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 10 minutes? More than you’d think! Catch CRMUG’s 10@10 of 10 series on Wednesdays this summer at 12:50pm (ET). Each week, a Microsoft MVP will spend about 10 minutes sharing one brilliant idea about how you can more effectively use Dynamics CRM. This is rapid-fire…


Checkout the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Video Gallery

Here is the mother lode of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online videos. Talk about videos from A to Z; this resource has got to be very helpful for users, implementers, customizers and partners. Let me know if you have an idea for a CRM Online video that hasn’t been done yet.


xRMVirtual: Moving from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to version 2011

Just got this and wanted to make sure all my peeps see the invitation: xRMVirtual and Julie Yack has invited you to attend an online meeting using Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Join us on Tuesday November 30 when we host CRM MVP Mitch Milam presentating tips and tricks when upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0…


xRMVirtual: This Just In…

Sorry for this being late, but xRMVirtual meeting ready to go tomorrow morning with a presentation about Plug-ins in CRM 2011.  If you can’t make it, we’ll record it and post for later viewing. When: Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010 9:00 AM (PDT) Scheduled to Occur: Once Duration: 1:00 Julie Yack has invited you to attend…