Bing’s way cool pic today

I luv being surprised by the pictures on Bing every morning. 

What will the next ten years bring us… LightSpace

I keep telling my friends that the new technology adoption and creation curve is so steep that we can’t even possibly imagine what will be available next year, let alone in ten years. So when I saw Microsoft’s LightSpace I thought, this is a proto-type, what will it be in a year or two. Can…

When I think custom MobIle CRM solutions, I think of CWR

I visited the Pavilion to see the vendors at the Dynamics Convergence conference and stopped by my favorite CRM mobile solution provider, CWR Mobility. I had my newest (four months young) Verizon HTC Imagio and I want to be able to demo CRM to my friends. Five minutes later I had their demo on my…

Microsoft Employees tops survey of Social Media users

“The survey found that almost half of companies analyzed have employees throughout their organization on social networking sites, with Microsoft leading the way. Not surprisingly, the list was dominated by technology and software companies, while online retailers such as and eBay claimed two of the top five rankings. Google and Walt Disney Corp rounded…

My Fav Spell Checker – ieSpell

My favorite spell checker for my Internet Explorer browser is called ieSpell and it’s available for free. I have installed it on all the computers I use. I use it on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the Dynamics forums; anyplace you have a text box you can right-click and check your spelling….

Cool Video: Microsoft on Cloud Computing

Steve Ballmer talks at the University of Washington about Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy. Can you define ‘cloud computing’?

DataTraveler® 310, the first 256GB USB Flash drive

A Keith Combs’ Blahg, ramblings from another nerd on the grid, post caught my eye this morning. Dual Boot on a stick? Kingston launches 256GB DT310 announced a really cool flash drive with mega space, fast transfer times, and password protection. Check it out at

I luv Bing

Bing wins a Crunchies Award as best technology achievement of 2009.


Tips & Tricks: Speakeasy’s Speed Test

When I want to check the internet connect speed, whether it be at work or at home, I use Speakeasy’s Speed Test. It’s free, fast, and doesn’t hedge the info. If you don’t have the juice it can be a miserable time on the Internet. So at work I have over 90 megabytes per second…

Glass House: The Pendulum Swings

This caught my attention from one of my fav bloggers Frank Shaw on Glass HouseTM. From today’s Slate blog on human nature, a cogent analysis of the emerging competition between the real and virtual worlds, this time epitomized by the growing use of smart phones during meetings. Heck, as someone who routinely uses a laptop…