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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support ~ Take One

Often called upon to help friends, customers and partners here is my list of how to start framing your question/issue. Many times as you figure out how to best explain what’s going on, you will find someone else has already been there and the issue has been addressed. Find support in the forums (free) ~…


Got Update Rollup 13 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Yo, heads up. The Microsoft Dynamics team released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 13 today. The links below will take you to the necessary information about Update Rollup 13. Microsoft Download Center: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: This might be especially interesting for those of youse who are playing with the Microsoft Internet…


FAQ: Are you using an old version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Help?

We strive up update help with the newest and best info. But we end up sending this to a lot of people. I also noticed that you are referencing an older version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Help. We have updated Help based on answers to questions and feedback from customers like you. The latest…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM: How much do we luv Diagrams?

You want wire and flow diagrams for Microsoft Dynamics CRM? We have diagrams galore. Here is a wealth of diagrams we released as part of R4 in November, starting with the overview diagram here: Here’s a search that returns all the diagrams on the Resource Center: Enjoy!


Advanced Dev Extensions

I just wanted to call out an excellent article written by David Jennaway regarding the new MicrosoftXrm components in the latest SDK. David is a Microsoft CRM MVP. “The CRM 4.0.12 SDK has recently been released. Normally an SDK update is not particularly significant, but in this case it includes some major enhancements, which…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Jazz

Sittin’ at my desk, pounding away on the keyboard while listening to Pete Thomas. Wonder if he’d accept the title of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Jazz King? Here’s his Voodoo Chill which I have been known to play at some events.  Okay, for extra points and the prestige, what instrument is the man playing?  :O)


Community at Convergence 2010

I was really fortunate to get to go to Convergence this year. The team heard from a lot of people who are considering whether to invest in social software/media. The big question this Convergence was, “What is the cost of not investing?” My favorite piece of advice that I must have given out so many…