Bookcase: Silverlight and XRM

Microsoft Regional Director & MVP David Yack has a new book out called Silverlight + XRM. It covers Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as an application framework for building business applications. In it he teaches the reader how to use Microsoft Silverlight to extend and customize the CRM experience. Microsoft Silverlight is a free web-browser plug-in…


Free Excerpt ~ Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Sonoma Partners have provided a chapter from their best selling book, Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on the MSDN site. The chapter we selected is Chapter 5: Solutions Overview and Concepts. You can download it or read it on the MSDN site. The book is written by Mike Snyder and Jim Steger who are…


Today: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community Page Updated

Maureen, a super powerful wizard of an editor, has updated the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dev Center Community page. I’ve suggested that we move the social media stuff from the bottom of the page to the top as we are gaining so many users in that space. For example the CRM on LinkedIn group is over…


Book Recommendation: slide:ology:

Matt Cooper, a friend and coworker, sent this in email last week. I thought I’d share the recommendation with a few of my closest friends.  ;O) I’ve been hallway-evangelizing a book I read recently, and a few people asked me to share the title.  It’s called slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations…


Finding a Job in the field of CRM

Finding a new job or the next job can be a very stressful or exhilarating experience. Most of us have been there at some time in our lives and want to help those family and friends who are in that place. One of the first tricks I share with my peeps is to recommend two…


Developing ISV Applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

A blast from the past that is still very popular is the Developing ISV Applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 whitepaper. This document guides an ISV to quickly build, deploy, and manage line-of-business applications. Other pertinent references to consider if you liked the Developing ISV Applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 whitepaper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Implementation Guide

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Implementation Guide (IG) has been available on TechNet since last year.  The IG is comprised of 3 major areas: Planning Guide Installing Guide Operating and Maintaining Guide These guides are key documentations to plan, install and operate a successful CRM solution.  There is a lot of great information around requirements…


J.D. Meyer: Getting Results the Agile Way

From our man J.D. Meier, Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team: “Are you getting results? …” Over Christmas break, I committed to finishing the writing for a book that I expect to change a lot of people’s lives. It’s my first non-technical book. The working title is, Getting Results the Agile…


“CRM at the Speed of Light” – Paul Greenberg

"I have a saying that one always overestimates what can be done in one year and underestimates what can be done in ten years. We see this over and over…" Paul Greenberg in "CRM at the Speed of Light, 4th Edition". So begins my reading of Paul’s newest book. You can see his Biography here….


David Yack: Silverlight Jumpstart

Our CRM Regional Director (okay that’s only a small part of his job) David Yack has released another book called Silverlight Jumpstart. Dave sez, “This book is designed to get .NET Business Application Developers up to speed quickly. Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight. It’s everywhere! Now, it’s your turn to jump into the ring and learn how…