Stuff you find at Microsoft

I wandered by the Scrum lobby in one of the Microsoft Advanta buildings and saw a new addition. Apparently one of the CRM teams were into Legos and in a big way. Since I don’t remember seeing it the week before, I wonder if the team put it together over the weekend. This Death Star…


Tired of the ol’ "Lorem ipsum"?

Aren’t we all? But now you too can generate Hipster Ipsum like this: Yr salvia seitan, vice high life four loko mixtape sustainable fanny pack DIY put a bird on it portland chambray. Williamsburg seitan 8-bit, beard lo-fi irony vinyl PBR thundercats bicycle rights mcsweeney’s fap tofu keytar portland. Irony aesthetic whatever terry richardson fap…


Welcome to VMlimited ~ Your worst nightmare

Have you read Frank Shaw’s blog post or the feature story on the Microsoft News Center.  Maybe you’ve seen coverage on CNET or WinRumors – or any number of other places that it has already shown up.  But in case you haven’t, today Microsoft released a video that has a bit of fun with one…


Headed to Building 7 for a meeting with my Mentor

The mythical building 7 on the main Microsoft campus has been a running joke for years. I first ran into it when I was a contractor in ‘92. For those of you who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about check out this CIO article, “The Mystery of Microsoft’s Building Seven Lives On”. “A new-hire…


Chief is back at College

Didn’t know he was a righty? Kudos to Keith Combs for pointing to this way cool vid.


Microsoftie Opens Nursery in his Office at Work

Due to the economic downturn I have been forced to start up a new business in my Microsoft office. The tech industry is certainly not the cash cow it used to be. Scrounging around the hallways I have located many plants that are in dire need of attention and water. I have quietly removed these…


Close, but no cigar…

Dear Microsoft, I just inadvertently sent an email to my girlfriend to everyone (as in 426) in my contact list. How do I call them back. Sigh… Dear Inadvertent, that would be the ‘time machine’ feature that we haven’t perfected yet. But we’ve all been there. Example: Oops! Obama’s press office has an email snafu.


The right tool for the job

I have a GAS affliction when it comes to saxophones as in Gear Acquisition Syndrome (aka Guilty As Sin). I own almost every saxophone there is from soprillo to bass sax. That includes some rarities like the F mezzo sax. Using all these instruments can be a challenge as for many such as the soprillo…


Blog Alert: Getting IT Right

Just ran across Adam Vero’s unofficial voice of Meteor IT blog called Getting IT Right. On today’s post he talks about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollup 11 announce here. “Roll-up, roll-up, read all about it. Yes, the usual updates for Dynamics CRM 4 have been released and you can download the components and versions…


More Microsoft Stories

When something breaks at Microsoft, the employees have been known to be both vocal and ‘helpful’ in providing guidance to the maintenance crew. Last week the coffee maker on the 3rd floor of Advanta broke and the ‘guidance’ started appearing. First one observer thought the water source had been turned down and then another helpful…