Introducing the Dynamics Café ~ Proceed at your own risk

In my readings this week I came across this blogger: Matt Keenan is a 20+ year veteran of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market and has extensive experience in sales, implementation, and effective adoption of CRM solutions from small companies to large enterprises. He has had the opportunity to work with customers like Dow Chemical,…


Fav CRM Blog Posts this week

Just thought I’d share some valuable and interesting posts I’ve read in the last few daze: PowerObjects- Bringing Focus to Dynamics CRM: Mass Editing Dynamics CRM 2011 Records using Microsoft Excel Business Situation I need to mass edit Dynamics CRM 2011 records and I need to make changes to more than 250 records at a…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Guide ~ a free download

You can download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Guide. To whet your taste, here is an overview of some of the areas covered: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM You can perform and automate many business tasks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including: · Keep and use all your customer information from one place. · Schedule and…


Performance Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

I’m looking at the Performance Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and wondering who will be the first to submit a review to this page for the toolkit. I know that a lot of people are using this toolkit to tweak their installations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The Performance Toolkit is designed to formalize…


The Linc Group talks about their move to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Linc Group needed a custom CRM solution for their quickly growing company. This quick video covers some of the decisions they made to create a world-class CRM solution. When it comes to integrating workflows that are designed around the way your company works, the programmability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be a big win.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM “extreme 2011 Las Vegas” Conference

The premier event for Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners is just around the corner.  Extreme 2011 Las Vegas will be held from October 2nd though October 5th. extreme 2011 Las Vegas  is a 100% partner focused event dedicated to advancing best practices and strategies for successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner organizations. The goal of extreme is…


Today: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community Page Updated

Maureen, a super powerful wizard of an editor, has updated the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dev Center Community page. I’ve suggested that we move the social media stuff from the bottom of the page to the top as we are gaining so many users in that space. For example the CRM on LinkedIn group is over…


Highlights: Great Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog Post ~ Week 2

CRM Team Blog ~ Web Resources Generated During Upgrades: Don’t Ship Them! Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 shipped, it has been common practice for ISVs to upgrade their development organizations from CRM 4.0 to 2011 so that they can ship their customizations via solutions. After upgrade, most of you may have already noticed… Marcello Tonarelli’s…


Get Satisfaction: Social Studies ~ How to Succeed in Social Business

Get Satisfaction provides an Infographic: The Evolution of CRM v2 with charts defining and mapping components like “What is Social CRM?” and “Who is the Social Consumer?”. They solicited and then grabbed everybody’s feedback and revised their infographic. Compare to previous. Click the image above for the full size version.


Finding a Job in the field of CRM

Finding a new job or the next job can be a very stressful or exhilarating experience. Most of us have been there at some time in our lives and want to help those family and friends who are in that place. One of the first tricks I share with my peeps is to recommend two…