Free Excerpt ~ Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Sonoma Partners have provided a chapter from their best selling book, Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on the MSDN site. The chapter we selected is Chapter 5: Solutions Overview and Concepts. You can download it or read it on the MSDN site. The book is written by Mike Snyder and Jim Steger who are…


HOT! Introducing Mango Videos for Developers

Microsoft MVPs Rob Miles and Andy Wigley are back! The "Building Applications for Windows Phone "Mango" Jump Start" was hosted by Microsoft Learning as a follow-up to last year’s Windows Phone 7 Jump Start sessions. Mobile application developers rave about the fast-paced, demo-rich, real-world and often-times humorous approach Rob and Andy use to deliver this…


Stuff you find at Microsoft

I wandered by the Scrum lobby in one of the Microsoft Advanta buildings and saw a new addition. Apparently one of the CRM teams were into Legos and in a big way. Since I don’t remember seeing it the week before, I wonder if the team put it together over the weekend. This Death Star…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Guide ~ a free download

You can download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Guide. To whet your taste, here is an overview of some of the areas covered: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM You can perform and automate many business tasks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including: · Keep and use all your customer information from one place. · Schedule and…


Microsoft Dynamics Video Options

Do you find yourself wanting to use a video short clip about CRM for a meeting. There are a number of potentially interesting videos at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM site on YouTube that might be good candidates for starting a training session or meeting. Where are your favorite sites for Microsoft Dynamics videos?


Tired of the ol’ "Lorem ipsum"?

Aren’t we all? But now you too can generate Hipster Ipsum like this: Yr salvia seitan, vice high life four loko mixtape sustainable fanny pack DIY put a bird on it portland chambray. Williamsburg seitan 8-bit, beard lo-fi irony vinyl PBR thundercats bicycle rights mcsweeney’s fap tofu keytar portland. Irony aesthetic whatever terry richardson fap…


Optimizing your LinkedIn Experience

Guy Kawasaki of Alltop’s Holy Kaw! posted this to Twitter and I just had to share. I’ve added Guy to my stream on a number of social media sites and use his posts two or three times a week. Guy, did you know that you don’t show up in a search on LinkedIn?  LinkedIn might not…


FAQ: Microsoft Certification Exam Development

“At Microsoft, we strive to ensure that our certifications are relevant, respected, and highly valued within the IT community and that they objectively prove the expertise of technology practitioners. Earning a Microsoft Certification helps demonstrate an individual’s comprehension of the latest IT developments and mastery of skills in a specific technology. Microsoft Certifications command great…


Welcome to VMlimited ~ Your worst nightmare

Have you read Frank Shaw’s blog post or the feature story on the Microsoft News Center.  Maybe you’ve seen coverage on CNET or WinRumors – or any number of other places that it has already shown up.  But in case you haven’t, today Microsoft released a video that has a bit of fun with one…


Top Ten CRM Blogs of the Week

There are so many CRM blogs to choose from that I thought I might introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers and their most recent posts. Enjoy! Richard Knudson’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trick Bag: Building Business Processes in Dynamics CRM 2011: Installment 10 Custom Dialog Process to Resolve Cases Previously, I characterized three broad…