Goodbye Microsoft, Hello World

After 20 years in the military and now 20 years at Microsoft, I am considering how to spend the next 20 years. It’s been fun, exciting, and a growing experience here at Microsoft. My last day is Friday 7 October 2011. The company, people, and product groups have treated me very well. Ciao.


Because you are my friend…

I’m gonna let you know something a little earlier than the general public. MSDN Forums is available at And, there is a new folder there called Visual Studio Extensibility. Now, to be clear, we are not abandoning the public newsgroups because we are releasing the forums.  The Microsoft.public newsgroup domain will continue to exist…


Why Another Blog?

Why indeed. I wanted to find a way to get the findings of my very sharp team to VSIP partners and anyone that would use automation in Visual Studio to accomplish a goal. I am a documentation manager of a very fine team. Most of my writers are programmers who, oh by the way, write. What…


How to Get People to Your Blog – Part Deux

A number of bloggers have asked me how to drive traffice to <insert name of your blog here>. I have talked about the technical aspects of getting more people to your blog, but I’ve forgotten one the most basic concepts. Your content has to be interesting and have value to your readers. Robert Scoble was…


Deploying Add-Ins

At some point when you are developing add-ins, you may find that you want to install and run them on another computer, a process known as deployment. Visual Studio 2005 has a special project type called a Setup Project that allows you to do this. To enable your add-in to be deployed, you simply add…


What’s New for Automation in Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio 2005 features a number of targeted, programmable object models. By using these models, you can access the underlying components and events inside the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and its projects. Each model contains types and members that represent solutions, projects, tool windows, code editors, debuggers, code objects, documents, events, and more….


How to Get People to Your Blog

Philip Richardson and I were talking about getting people to your blog site. The first requirement is that you talk about what is unique to you and interesting to your readers. If most of your blog is pointers to Microsoft CRM announcements and downloads, then those of us that frequent ten or so site (using RSS…


Forums vs. Newsgroups Redux

In my last blog comparing forums and newsgroups I compared and contrasted some of the features of both. I have an update to some of the concerns that were voiced about using the Dynamics CRM forums on MSDN. But first you might want to look at the Joe Morel’s penultimate post on the subject, Why Web Forums for Support?…


Spamming the Bloggers

I knew there was some spam problems associated with being a blogger, but I had no idea how bad it was until I started this blog. I get 30 to 50 comment SPAMs a day now. I have only been blogging for a couple of weeks. I reported the IP address to my host rep,…


Triaged CRM Customer Suggestions

Jerry asks for the list of customer suggestions that was triaged this month. Good question, here they are: Votes   Subject                                                         Action 5       Distribute Campaign Activities should allow an attachment – dupe, tell newsgroup thank you.5       CRM should let me have multiple lookups to the same entity – work around with left nav page5       Email Templates…