It’s Time to Switch to Hotmail

imageHotmail has come a long way in the last few years. I have accounts in so many service and my fav is Hotmail. Here are some great reasons to consider it – especially for people using Yahoo! Mail:

imagePC Magazine agrees – naming Hotmail as the Editors’ Choice in email for 2011. And when we’ve spoken with Yahoo customers who made the switch, they strongly prefer Hotmail with over 90% saying they would recommend it to their friends.

Other quotes:

  • “Yahoo! Mail trails … Hotmail in speed and spam blocking” – PC Magazine
  • "If you use multiple e-mail accounts… consider putting [the new] Hotmail back in the mix." – USA Today
  • Which E-mail service is Safest? Hotmail – 4.5 out of 5, Gmail – 4 out of 5, Yahoo 3 out of 4. – Fox Business
  • “I found the customization and search to be more intuitive and robust in Hotmail than Yahoo Mail.” – ex- Yahoo! Mail user
  • “Hotmail is cleaner and more modern, easy to use and has great add-ons like SkyDrive. Plus things as simple as photo viewing just look and work better on Hotmail vs. Yahoo!” – ex- Yahoo! Mail user
  • “Hotmail offers tools that I never found on Yahoo. It also lets me customize folders, and it has robust mail search.” –Switched from Yahoo!
  • “It was so easy to import all my old mail and attachments to Hotmail from Yahoo! and Gmail, like snapping your fingers and it was done.” –Switched from Yahoo!
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