Top Ten Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resources

Here are my top ten Microsoft Dynamics CRM resource links for your consideration.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Wiki ~ Run by the CRM MVPs, here you’ll find everything from an introduction to CRM and its value to your business to white papers, product specifications, customer testimonials, links to CRM communities, and much more.
  • Community Home Page ~ The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community site is the place to go for information about all things CRM. You’ll find links to blogs and articles, forums, newsgroups, MVPs, and much more.
  • Team Blog  ~ The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog is the place to go to connect with the CRM team. You’ll find postings on customization, development, and implementation. This is one of the fastest ways to get to know the CRM team.
  • Forums  ~ The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forums are your question and answer resource. You’ll find answers to some of your most pressing questions and a team of crack experts ready to help.
  • MVPs  ~ The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) site recognizes exceptional technical community leaders from around the world. Here you can find experts who love to talk about all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Facebook ~ Search for “Microsoft Dynamics CRM”.
  • LinkedIn ~ In the group directory, search for “Microsoft CRM”.
  • YouTube ~ Search for “MsDynamCRM”.
  • Twitter ~ Add MSdynamicsCRM and JaAG to your follow list.
  • Developer Center  ~ The place to go for information and sample code for developers. You’ll find both introductory and in-depth articles, overview and reference documentation, entity model diagrams for you to download, links to community and support, and much more.
  • CRM on the MSDN Code Samples Gallery  ~ Search for “CRM 2011”. The one-stop resource for finding code to customize and enhance your CRM experience. Developers and software vendors can start here to find code solutions.

Next I will publish my favorite CRM blogs.

Comments (3)

  1. Hosk says:

    Excellent blog post.  I think Microsoft contribute a great deal to the CRM community, especially with the blog and the MVP's.

    The best source is the CRM SDK and in particular the examples which get you up and running quickly.  If you are still having problems then the forum can help you out


  2. Tracy Kinsey says:

    Thank you for the great summary!

  3. metaphorix says:

    great blog post

    I would also add the CRM resource centre which has some great articles…/default.aspx

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