Announcing MVPNation 2011 in Seattle

MVPNation is a new community event (March 3-4, 2011, Seattle) that connects three important communities in one place at one time. These communities are:

1. Microsoft MVPs. This technical community constituency will already be in Seattle for the annual Microsoft MVP Summit from February 28 to March 2, 2011. Microsoft predicts 1,500 MVPs from around the world will attend and 200 MVPs will attend MVPnation. Product groups we anticipate participating include ServerMVP Pie Chart Solutions (e.g., Windows Small Business Server, Windows Server), Client Operating Systems (e.g., Windows 7), Communication and Collaboration (e.g., Microsoft Exchange), Business Management (e.g., Dynamics CRM), Business Productivity (e.g., Office), Virtualization, Data Center Management, and many more groups. The MVPs will be the speakers at this event.

2. Community members
. Customers, channel partners, consultants, and members of the public will be in attendance to learn from the MVPs. View it this way. A mid-level IT administrator at a Fortune 1,000 corporation (say Weyerhaeuser or Boeing) would attend to meet his favorite Windows Server MVP!!!!  A Microsoft Partner who is a consultant would attend to learn from her favorite Exchange Server MVP! A member of the public will be thrilled to attend a panel discussion hosted by Microsoft Office MVPs. Hopefully you get the point – this is an amazing opportunity for the public to meet the infamous MVPs!

3. Community sponsors. I’ve been amazed at the enthusiasm and excitement already displayed by the technology ISV, and vendor community to embrace and extend their budding relationship with the MVPs. It’s like the old Texas saw, “Strangers are just friends who you haven’t met yet,” and such is the case herein. MVPnation is positioned as a connection catalyst to bring this important third-leg to the stool.

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  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Cool – you might dip down a little more into the depths of Enterprise accounts – the CIO is not necessarily the key contact

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