MindTouch: The Top 10 Best Technical Documentation Sites of 2010


Way cool find by the Microsoft MVP team, Mark Fidelman of the MindTouch Blog sez:

“We polled over 300 Technical Communicators to determine the best documentation sites on the web.  If you’re looking for the best product or service documentation sites, look no further than the sites below.

The winner, Microsoft was chosen by Technical Communicators due it’s great search capabilities, product coverage is excellent and it’s easy to use.  Microsoft Answers and their MVP program was also cited as best in class.

Interestingly, all of the top 10 are from well recognized brands.  There are no small companies or surprises that we can see.  And with the exception of Intel and Cisco, all of the top 10 are consumer facing.  Moreover, all except Wikipedia are from software or technical companies.

This list of the top documentation sites of 2010 as ranked by Technical Communicators is a good place to start if you want to know how the best are using documentation.   Yet, most of what we see is just the beginning.  There’s more just around the corner.  Just subscribe to this blog to learn why.”

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