Still using CDs? How quaint.


Got this today and I think it is so cool on so many levels. My son doesn’t even use CDs anymore, just MP3s and such from the Web. Kindles and other eReaders our making it in a big way. Now we might be moving to digital magazines and periodicals. I mean, as the average way to access our reading material, not as an innovation. [JaAG]:

Dear JaAG,
Your copy of this week’s InformationWeek is now available! This is the sixth in our 2010 series of digital issues, all part of a 10-year strategy to reduce our carbon footprint. But we aren't just cutting back on paper and shipping. We're also planting a tree for each of the first 5,000 people who download the issue.
Download this issue to read about:

  • State Of Servers: Server technology is at a crossroads, our exclusive research finds. Companies increasingly put a premium on features such as the ability to implement virtualization, manage systems, and reduce electricity use. Indeed, after acquisition costs, the ability to manage on-the-fly virtual processors is the single most important factor.
  • Alexander Wolfe: Here's what matters most as processors rev into multicore overdrive.
  • Bob Evans: Hewlett-Packard knows what has been missing from its product mix: Analytics.
  • New Gear: Dell is out with one of its biggest server and storage product launches in years.
  • Game Theory: Ingres is trying to apply the parallel processing power of today's x86 servers, much like games do, to database analysis.
  • Web Printing: HP lays out its plan to keep printers humming in the age of smartphones and mobile media.

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