When I think custom MobIle CRM solutions, I think of CWR

I visited the Pavilion to see the vendors at the Dynamics Convergence conference and stopped by my favorite CRM mobile solution provider, CWR Mobility. I had my newest (four months young) Verizon HTC Imagio and I want to be able to demo CRM to my friends. Five minutes later I had their demo on my device.

One of the things I like about their solutions is how peppy they are are. Gone are the minutes is wait time that were present on phones with slower processors. I haven’t added additional memory to this phone and the demo worked flawlessly. If you are at the conference they are in row 1000 on the right.

I’m very keen to evaluate the WinMo 7 release on a soon to be named this Fall. This new device will be my first dual-proc cell phone. With that kind of horsepower, I almost think of it as a true PDA instead of just a phone. More on that as I get more information on that. As a social media addict, this promises to really be a great experience.

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