Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Windows Live Calendar Connector

A friend of mine was showing me how his calendars on Outlook at work included his personal calendars from his Windows Live subscription. I was very impressed and discovered with the beta version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 that I have the same thing. From work it looks like this:


On the left I have listed my work calendar, my home calendar, calendars from the various bands I’m in, and in Casa du Glassa, a calendar for the extended Glass family. I can turn on the calendars or leave them off as desired.

My home calendars look like this. It includes a calendar my father runs with all birthdays and anniversaries for family and relatives. Note the use of icons for some reoccurring events:


The nice thing is that now at work, on mobile or at home I can access all of my calendars in a moments notice. So double booking events such as a concert when I’m going to be out of town for a work conference should be a thing of the past.

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