David Yack: Silverlight 3 Jumpstart Book Released

Our Regional Director and .NET MVP David Yack has written another book. He sez:

I’m pleased to announce that our latest book Silverlight 3 Jumpstart has been released and now available for purchase.  Silverlight 3 Jumpstart is perfect for .NET Developers that want to get started learning about Silverlight.  The book is focused on the key parts of Silverlight that are relevant for business application developers. 

The book is an easy read that you can get through quickly without being intimidated.  Reference books are great, but spending too much time on an obscure feature when you’re getting started wastes your time. Silverlight 3 Jumpstart packages up the things I wish I could have had in a book when I started learning Silverlight a few years back.  Silverlight 3 also introduced a number of new business application friendly features that you learn as part of the book. In addition to covering the basics of Silverlight, we also take time to explore application architecture choices you will be making. 

As a thank you for your continued support - we wanted to offer you an opportunity to get a copy of the new book or an e-book copy. Using the following codes on www.silverlightjumpstart.com you can receive your special offer for the book.

Read more on his blog.

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