Weather’s crazy wild in Fargo

I just received this (edited to keep the personal info out) from a friend in the Microsoft Offices in Fargo. I’m still waiting for pictures:

FYI on a crazy few weeks in Fargo.  Fargo/Moorhead is in emergency mode to help save the town from flooding.  We will have team members being deployed to help protect against flood waters, and we do have several campus team members’ homes in harm’s way.  From a support perspective, we will be balancing our flood fighting efforts w/ taking customer calls – possibly using emergency support options as needed.  Other teams are formulating similar plans.

FYI that the Red River is the border between ND and MN, and Fargo is right on the river.  This is from

The Red River could crest in Fargo next Saturday (March 28) at a level of around 40 feet, about two weeks earlier than expected, and city leaders want the public's help in an emergency effort to fight this spring's flood.  “It’s going to be a massive effort to protect the city to 40 feet,” Mayor Dennis Walaker said.  The crest in Fargo would top the 1997 flood level (this was considered a 500-year flood), and the potential for a 40-foot crest for the Red River in Fargo is about a 50-50 chance.

The city is asking for volunteers to help fill sandbags starting at 8 a.m. Friday. Sandbagging efforts will run 12 hours on Friday, and restart Saturday, going around the clock as the city aims to fill 1.5 million sandbags.  At a morning flood meeting, city officials said dikes will have to be built to 41 feet. Flood stage in Fargo is 18 feet, and the major flooding level is 30 feet.

LMK what questions you have and thanks for your support and understanding if scheduled meetings over the next few weeks get moved around.

Mother nature is really creating havoc here. A week later and I hear they are still battling the rising waters! And then we get this note: Fargo isn’t out of danger yet.


Hang tough Fargo-ites.

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