Summit ‘09 – CRM MVP Pics

There are some groups of people you put up with ‘cuz you’re paid too or are stuck with them. Bank staffs, surely wait staffs, oblivious teams at work… I think they have to know who they are and they can’t be happy. And then there are the groups of peeps who you would do stuff with even if you didn’t have a work relationship. The CRM MVP team is a prime example of that.


                               Microsoft MVP Summit 2009 – the CRM MVP Team

Unlike some relatives most of us have inherited, when a CRM MVP pens an email or ask a question it is very likely that it is a pressing issue for their customers and our partners. These MVPs ask the hard questions, try out our pre-release bits before the customer gets them, and communicate through blogs, conferences, training sessions, and customer calls.

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                        Jürgen Beck & Christine Dubois                            Jim Wang and the Sonoma guys

This year two Microsoft Regional Directors (David Yack and Christine Dubois from France) and number of new CRM MVPs for 2009 were at the conference this year. Microsoft Regional Directors are members of an elite, worldwide group of technology thought-leaders known for their national and international speaking tours, their authorship of books, articles and blogs, and their business acumen. Regional Directors are well-versed on the totality of the software industry. They are recognized for their achievements in communicating the benefits of emerging technologies.

During our breaks we played some Professor Longhair with a nod to Mardi Gras. Roberto Nocera, our new CRM MVP from Italy supplied the very fine wine. We even had our own blues harmonica player, CRM MVP Curt Spanburgh play for us a couple of times. I can’t believe we didn’t get a video outta that.  :o)

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